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Nowadays, clock is not only used to measure the time, mostly it is treated as a decorative and is widely used in home décor. They will be at home in a cottage, cabin or any room in the house that features nature décor or be used picnic outdoor or camp trip.

Being a wooden LED clock wholesale and wooden LED clock manufacturers, we have been in this field over 20years and have the ability to ensure you of

  • a. Quality guarantee
    We do everything possible to avoid quality problem during production. All the wood clock are inspected strictly by our QC team before they are packed into boxes and delivered to you.
  • b. Competitive Prices
    As a wholesale clocks and clock suppliers, not only do we provide cheap clocks, but valuable products with competitive prices We fully understand that your benefits connect closely with ours.
  • c. Consistency supply of products
    Our factories had been in this field for many years and must be continually supply up-to-standard wood clocks to all of our customers.
  • d. Timely Delivery
    We are called as DHL by our customers And we would try our best to satisfy you more.
  • e. After-sale services We guarantee that the wooden led clock be with you without defects In the unlikely circumstance that you received products with defects, please take photo instantly and contact us for help We will act as quickly as possible to put matters right.

Radio Development Timeline.
From 1820 to the late of 1980s, radio develop from paper to an applied field as Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB.

Radio Used in Daily Life.
Although we have new technology products like TV, ipad and Mp5 for our entertainment, radio, developing more than 100years, is still a powerful force in our daily life. The proponents are among not only the old people, but the young people like students and people who living far away from city. As well as those people like slow-pace living. Listening to radio has been being a symbol of their living style.

Wooden Radio Clock Development.
As we find the potential demand of radio products, we develop wooden FM radio and FM&AM radio. Currently, another series of wooden radio with clock are created. For this digital portable radio, time can be digitally displayed on the wood LED screens. In order to cater for the customers who have nostalgia feelings, we push a new product as traditional wood radio clock. This product recollect you the old memory and circumstance. We are wholesale clocks and clock manufacturers, the market demand is the tendency of our production.

We are considered as an excellent wholesale wooden speakers by our customer in this field. We have professional technicians and focus on R&D and product design. Every year. there is new products pushed out.

There are 3 unique speaker models available in our professional series. Each was designed with specific application in mind. The wood speaker is one of our new series of products. From 2.0 speaker to Dual full-range speaker and Speaker with clocks, all these wooden speakers standard up to the professional speaker in technician. Especially, wood speaker powered by USB, this product uses 3.5mm audio cable input. It can be used as player and speaker. Powered by USB makes it user-friendly. You can connect the speaker with your portable PC, MP3, cell CD player etc.

Another series of product is wood speaker clock, as clock manufacturers, we created the multifunctional speaker with time shown on LED screen. Power by USB, when you working with your portable pc, you can enjoy music through this type of speaker. It is portable and easily to set time.

We are your reliable analog clock manufacturers and clock suppliers , with over 20years experiences in producing anolog clock, we have standard arts and crafts and strictly quality control system. Our products are being exported worldwide and widely popular in European and North American countries.

All of our clocks come with CE and RoHS certificate and qualified. We use environmental protection materials which adhere with the environmental and health safety standard. The clock movement we select is the best allowing you enjoy home in peace.

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